Friday, February 26, 2010

White Ninja Guy #0: One Shot Cover by Lance Sawyer

Yes, it's done! The cover for Obsidian Studios first published comic book White Ninja Guy has been completed. Comic artist, Lance Sawyer who is also responsible for the new webcomic IMO, is the cover artist for this title. He has been a joy and a pleasure to work with, and we cant wait until this comic is released to the masses in late May 2010. Here is a sneek peek at the comic, and be sure to go and check out

The comic now was on hold for a while to concentrate on production of One Shot, and other publications, but now will be returning March 5, 2010. The comic will be updated every FRIDAY instead of the former schedule of every Wednesday.

Obsidian Studios is also holding a contest as well and one of the prizes is an issue of WNG #0: One Shot. Details on the contest are below...


There is a new contest going on folks! And it is ALL about White Ninja Guy in celebration of WNG finally getting published! I would like to see the fans take on the character And the contest is simple. I would like you all to draw your best rendition of the characters of the White Ninja Guy universe PAST or PRESENT. This means you can have a shot at Greg Bryant, or Doo-Doo Braid Percy, or just Guy himself. I want you guys to have fun with it. The picture can either be in B&W or in color, that is totally up to you. There will be two winners in this contest, so get to crackin!

So, what will the winners of this contest get?

1st Prize:

1 signed copy of White Ninja Guy: One Shot signed by myself, and cover artist Lance Sawyer.
1 Copy of Black & White: Heroes w/ a head sketch inside and signed by me.
1 Copy of It's All In The Cards: The Sketch Card Mini Art book signed by me.
1 full color sketch card head shot of any character you wish.
6 Month Premium Membership to Deviant Art
1 Obsidian Studios T-Shirt
Mystery Surprise

2nd Prize:

1 signed copy of White Ninja Guy: One Shot signed by myself, and cover Artist Lance Sawyer.
1 Copy of Black & White: Heroes w/ a head sketch
1 Black & White Sketch Card head shot of any character you wish.
3 Month Premium Membership to Deviant Art
Mystery Surprise

The contest ends May 2, 2010, so that is PLENTY of time to get your entries in, and to take a look at the comic and see what you would like to do. NO EXCEPTIONS & NO EXTENSIONS! 2 1/2 MONTHS IS MORE THAN PLENTY OF TIME!!! I think there is a lot of swag worth winning as well. And depending on the winning entry, there will be a surprise for the winners as well! Winners will be announced during the Fanime edition of Sketchin It w/ Ian Walker on May 28th. And this will be announced on the show whether I am at Fanime or not! (HERE'S TO HOPING I MAKE IT THERE!!!)

Monday, February 1, 2010


"Want to win a Wacom Tablet? Want to see hours and hours of video tutorials? Want new Photoshop brushes, scripts, web comics and more? Then go to and see all of this for yourself.".

I just went to this site, and I am throughly amazed at the amount of content on this site. It is well worth the money and I highly recommend anyone wanting to get into creating comics to check this site out. Very polished, and put together very well, especially for a beta stage. Great work guys! Get the link here:

Talk to you guys later!