Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cyber Monday Sale Tonight on eBay!!!

Cyber Monday sale on eBay tonight! Go check it out! Starting with my sketchbook $5 each, and other original artwork and sketch cards. Every sketchbook gets a FREE SKETCH, and all items are FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. All items starting between $.99 & $1.99! Tonight at 1:00 am!

Ian's Cyber Monday eBay Sale Link

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Artwork from Sketchin It...

Probably the most views happened tonight on the show. Tonight's theme was Fairies, so I hope that there will be some artwork for the jam this week. I want to say thank you all so much for showing up. I really appreciate it. Now for the artwork. I did two sketch cards, the first is of Spock from the Star Trek series, and then Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Be sure to attend next week guys as I will continue taking commissions, and doing more concept artwork for Obsidian Studios new projects. Perhaps some White Ninja Guy as well! We shall see.

There are tons of new things in the works right now for the future of Sketchin It. I am hoping to have my first live guest, and interview on the show and to have them join us in sketching, and perhaps doing some artwork live along with me. I really appreciate the feedback and the loyal attendance every week. This has been an enjoyable month for me and it has been a joy to do this show. It has done better than I even imagined. And I have you guys to thank for this.

Talk to you Later,
Ian Walker
Obsidian Studios

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sketchin It' w/ Ian Walker Post Show Artwork!

Indeed it was a nice night for sketchin. Pulled out 2 sketch cards, and finished off two commissions from the $10 sketch commissions that were being done tonight by myself. Here is a piece of the artwork that was showcased from tonight's show!

We hope to see some folks next week on the show! Thank you to all who did come out and support the show! Obsidian Studios through me Ian Walker will continue putting on live shows each week! Hope to see you all soon!

Ian W.
Obsidian Studios

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Sketch Cards... Cardstock & Artwork!!!

Yeah, so I decided to follow the advice of some deviants over on Deviant Art, and instead of paying mass amounts of cash to have custom sketch cards made for me, I made them myself. To test them out, I did a few pieces, but these two pieces are the ones I am the most proud of. Let me show you!

They look so good, and I am so proud! If anyone is looking at this blog, let me know what you think, will you!? These are the official cards of Obsidian Studios, and so there it is!

Talk to you all soon!
Ian W.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome to the Obsidian Studios Blog!

We welcome you to the Obsidian Studios Online Blog. On our blog, we will be showing you new and exciting things happening within Obsidian Studios which will be new videos, and behind the scenes look at upcoming projects, and other things. As well as contests and the like. So with that said, our first video here is a video of a new secret project that is in the works. Mind you all of the concept work here is not yet finalized, it is just in the conceptual stages. But we wanted to make this video to show you that we are working hard to get this train moving, and something for our Moonwatchers to look out for!

Also, the new page for White Ninja Guy is up and ready to go as well. We are now on our 9th page, and after this, the story will take a more serious tone as it really gets moving a long. If you would like to take a look at our webcomic, go to  The comics are archived as well incase you need to catch up from the beginning, or need some information on the beginnings of the character. We want to thank you in advance and welcome to our online blog of Obsidian Studios. Your comments and feedback will be MUCH appreciated!

Ian W.
Obsidian Studios