Saturday, July 24, 2010

Indie a Go-Go Fundraiser for The Black Dame

So we have taken the time to try and earn some cash on our newest Obsidian Studios comic project, The Black Dame. The funds will be used to get more equipment, and supplies as well as supplement payment for independent publishing if our efforts at a well known publisher Image doesn't work out. We want to also have variant covers, and create a limited number of special edition sketch covers of the book as well. So the goal is to try and raise about $3200 to get things further in gear. Yes, we are going as fast as we can right now without the cash, but the money will help go a long way, and allow us to get things moving in an efficient manner. Like Comic Con tables and promotion and other things pertaining to marketing the comic. We need to pay artists and writers also that may do some things related to the story, so this is the plan right now.

So I'm sure you are wondering... Are there any perks!? Well OF COURSE THERE ARE!!! Everyone that contributes will get some special recognition as well as prizes for everyone that donates something. Donations start at $10 and up. But if you can only donate less than that, that is okay too. We just are hoping to get enough to move with a valuable asset and get them going faster. There is a link on the side of the page that will direct you to the project. As the project progresses, there will be regular updates and other things put up so that you all can follow the process of the creation of The Black Dame from inception to creation to finish. Again, we thank you all so much for stopping by on a regular basis to see what is going on, and supporting us. There will be more updates soon so stay tuned!!!

Ian W.
Obsidian Studios

Monday, July 19, 2010

Moonwatchers News!!!

The first contest of Obsidian Studios is here!!! Check it out!

This is a contest where EVERYONE is a winner so to speak. We folks here at Obsidian Studios are going to be creating an artbook that will be showcasing the new stories and such from the studio. We want to have a section for Fan Art, and we want you all to have a part in it, and show off your artistic talents. So how do you see or envision the characters of Obsidian Studios? Do you have a favorite character that you can't wait to see in print!? Let us know the love you have for them, and show it in your artwork. Every person can draw more than one submission, but the best one will be chosen to go into the artbook. Your name, website, and email will be shown so that folks that see it and like your art will be able to contact you, and you can get more exposure.

This book will be seen at WonderCon next year where we hope to really put Obsidian Studios on the map, and get it out there to the public, so your work will definitely be seen. We will be picking one awesome and amazing entry. This entry if it is chosen will be made into a limited edition print, and we will give that print, along with a signed copy of White Ninja Guy: One Shot, and the Obsidian Studios Artbook to the winner. Along with a few other surprises. This is hopefully going to inspire you guys to submit your best work.

There are stipulations... Send your completed submissions to our email address: If you would like to you can submit your entry on DA as well. But it will NOT be official if it is not sent to our email address. NO NUDITY!!! And No over accentuation of certain body parts. That's all I ask. Everything else goes. So use your imagination, and go wild. I hope you guys will be willing to participate, and give us the best you can offer. The deadline is October 15, 2010 at Midnight. So you have until the end of the summer to get this done, and you are able to submit more than one art piece. The  best of all the submissions if there is more than one will be submitted in the artbook.


The Black Dame Script is DONE!!!

The first 10 page script of the Black Dame is completed, and now we are going to be working hard on concept pictures and photos, as well as a new print. I had sooo much fun doing the script, and the story I hope is one that you guys will like. More stuff will be revealed soon.


Obsidian Studios Publications

We are working now on an Obsidian Studios Artbook which will showcase the concept artwork, stories and fan art of Obsidian Studios, and you Moonwatchers. The contest above is for the Moonwatchers to take a part of, so spread the word. Another project we are working on is an artbook and sketchbook of Ian Walker. The sketchbook will be an 24 page black and white sketchbook of all my unseen sketches, and the like. The artbook will be a full color artbook of all the art I have done past and present. Most of the art will have never been seen before, and there will be some that is familiar. We are hoping to have the sketchbook out really soon, and the Artbook will be released at WonderCon. So stay tuned for more, and we will be sure to keep you all updated.


New Cover Artist for Obsidian Studios

I would like to take the time now to introduce a new cover artist that is a part of Obsidian Studios on a trial basis. He will be doing a variant cover for the Obsidian Studios title called The Seven! I would like to introduce you all to Carlos Hernandez! He is a great and amazing artist, and his was a talent that I could not let go to waste. If all goes well with this, he will be chosen to do the remaining 7 issue covers of our books. We really look forward to working with him and getting some really great work and amazing artwork. For those of you not familiar with Carlos and his work, go check out his Deviant Art page, and see the talent this guy has! His anime style is indeed insane, and is going to be a unique variant of our story representation. Go check out Carlos now ---------> Carlos' Deviant Art Page

All of us here at Obsidian Studios are going to continue to do our best to keep you guys up to date with the progress of our projects, and the things we want to do for our fans. Hopefully this will get you as excited about our stories as we are. In the coming weeks there will be some exclusive, yet few new concept artwork for all the stories we are working on. We can't show you everything, I mean we need to keep some for the artbook. But there will be more seen soon, that we promise! Thanks again so much for your patience, and for following us. Talk with you all again soon!

Ian Walker
Obsidian Studios

Friday, July 2, 2010

New White Ninja Guy #1 Cover

Here is the new cover that was done last night, on 11 x 17 bristol. Knocked this out in two hours and I'm really pleased with it. I really want you guys feedback on it and let me know what you think. This is going to go through another process soon with toning and color. I will be working on more in the coming weeks all while finishing up the final pages of White Ninja Guy to get ready for the printer, and to bring over to WonderCon! So please Moonwatchers, tell me what you think!