Thursday, March 10, 2011

WonderCon Artist Alley Location!

My WonderCon Artist Alley Location this year will be AA-143! It's official folks. I will be at the Con in name only, but will be promoting a lot of Obsidian Studios stuff there at the show. People can get their hands on White Ninja Guy: One Shot, which will be debuting the official and public introduction to Obsidians' flagship character White Ninja Guy. This book will be signed by me, and limited to a FINAL 50 copies! After this Con is over, and the issues are all sold, I will no longer be selling this comic! Also at this con, I will be selling copies of my 2010 sketchbook; Introducing: The Sketches of Ian Walker. I am looking forward to this event and getting hard copies of my publications out there to you all.

Also along with my original art pieces, I will be selling pre-made sketchcards, fan art prints, and other promotional materials related to future Obsidian Studios projects. April is going to be an exciting month in general, and I can't wait to get out there and let folks see it all! Can't wait to see and meet you all! Talk with you soon at the show!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Preliminary WNG #1 Cover Mockup

Here is a mock up of the cover of White Ninja Guy #1. THIS IS NOT THE FINAL COVER! But I do want your opinions and feedback please if possible. Does this cover even though it's black and white still capture your attention? Would you pay extra for a cover that is special edition black and white? Conversate with me folks, let me know what is on your minds. Especially as a consumer. Thanks much!