Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Changes... For the good!

It has been a minute since I have updated my page. But I felt that it would be a good idea to give a quick low down on what is going on behind the scenes within Obsidian Studios, and what our plans are. So sit down a bit and have a nice read.

I am pleased to announce once again that I will have a table at WonderCon 2011. I will be going as Ian Walker's Obsidian Studios, and will be in the Artists Alley. I decided not to go representing the studio because I wanted to first take a look at the convention scene and know what it is about and what to expect as a future small press vendor the next year. And also with that experience I decided that I wanted to push out only one title right now for exposure so that folks will know who we are. The title that I will be putting out at the convention will be White Ninja Guy.

The #0 issue of White Ninja Guy is out right now and is available for sale. At the convention, I will be selling copies of this for only $1! Real cheap! Along with that, the very first official issue of White Ninja Guy #1 will be released as well. It is the first of a 6 part story arc that I am developing for the character. With that said, I am going to talk about the development of the studio as a whole. I recently just got a full time job, and it has tapped my time and resources to the extreme. I barely have time to do the projects that I am doing now, and I definitely don't have the time to pursue the others. So I have decided that it would be best to simply concentrate only on 2 projects that will be out this year. Those being (tenatively titled) The Seven, and the White Ninja Guy series. After these are done, then I will take the time to work on the other projects that I would like to be able to put quality effort and time into, and do them correctly. There are many stories and ideas that I want to tell, and I will get to them in time. But now, I want to focus on these two and do them right.

So 2011 will be the year for The Seven and the White Ninja Guy, and I can't wait to introduce you all to them very soon. Obsidian Studios writer Ricky Burnett is also on the ticket as the writer of The Seven, and another writer who has not yet been made official will be working on the next Obsidian title once Seven is completed.
As far as the website, and art blog are concerned, I will be working hard to put out new sneak peek information, news and artwork as time goes on to hopefully wet your appetites and anticipation for these titles. We have worked extremely hard to bring you good stories and work, and we plan to deliver. So please continue to bear with us, and support us. We are doing all we can to make our dream of going to WonderCon a reality so anyway that you can support us would be greatly appreciated! Have questions? Please do not hesitate to ask!

So until next time Moonwatchers!