Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kickstarter Campaign to start in June!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a heads up on what's going on in the homefront I like to call Obsidian Studios. Right now as we speak, I am working on a project for our first Kickstarter Campaign. This project is for the next White Ninja Guy comic book coming out in October 2012. We are attempting to raise money to be able to pay for various expenses; the most important of those being printing for the 1000 copy run as well as the special edition 150 copy run of the special edition B&W sketch cover version of White Ninja Guy Saga #1.

We are producing a lot of artwork from various artists for variant covers, and promotional posters and the like for various comic shops. We are looking at a projected goal of $4500. Though the costs are MUCH higher, that being of $8300, the $4500 is much more doable, and the rest will be coming from the income of commissions and original art sales of other artwork. This campaign will be ready to launch by June 1 2012. Along with the Kickstarter campaign, we will be launching the White Ninja Guy Facebook page. This will allow us to be able to find out who the REAL fans of White Ninja Guy are. As a result, this can help us create contests and incentives for those fans. Over on the Obsidian Studios blog, and Facebook page, we will be uploading pictures and video of the White Ninja Guy project and other things to keep you guys up to date with progress.

This is a very exciting time, and we hope that with these avenues of promotion and networking that we can make White Ninja Guy a success. The final endgame will be to get White Ninja Guy Saga #1 into the hands of potential new fans at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco in October. We can make this happen, and so stay tuned! What can you do? Spread the word and tell folks about the project, and if you can donate, please do so! Thank you all so much for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Until next time Moonwatchers!

Ian Walker
Obsidian Studios Founder / Owner

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A new Sketchbook for 2012!

This is the cover to a new full color sketchbook that I will be coming out with in the later part of the year! Still planning on how I will be putting this book together, so the page count is still up in the air. This will showcase all of my sketches and drawings, including fan art of all female characters over the years spanning 2010 to 2012.

I will be self publishing the book, and doing a limited number release of books under the Obsidian Studios banner. This will also be revealed in the next few months as well. Pre-Orders for the book will be available once everything is set and ready to go to print. So keep watching and looking for details!