Friday, November 27, 2009

New Artwork from Sketchin It...

Probably the most views happened tonight on the show. Tonight's theme was Fairies, so I hope that there will be some artwork for the jam this week. I want to say thank you all so much for showing up. I really appreciate it. Now for the artwork. I did two sketch cards, the first is of Spock from the Star Trek series, and then Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Hope you guys enjoy them!

Be sure to attend next week guys as I will continue taking commissions, and doing more concept artwork for Obsidian Studios new projects. Perhaps some White Ninja Guy as well! We shall see.

There are tons of new things in the works right now for the future of Sketchin It. I am hoping to have my first live guest, and interview on the show and to have them join us in sketching, and perhaps doing some artwork live along with me. I really appreciate the feedback and the loyal attendance every week. This has been an enjoyable month for me and it has been a joy to do this show. It has done better than I even imagined. And I have you guys to thank for this.

Talk to you Later,
Ian Walker
Obsidian Studios

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