Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Countdown to the Black Dame begins now!

Probably the first title from Obsidian Studios that folks have been waiting on, and readily anticipating is almost here. There are a few kinks that need to get worked out, but the fact is that it is almost here. September 28th 2010, the Black Dame web comic will be here! The story that will be shown during the next 10 weeks is going to be the first 10 page story arc to the first issue that will be released online later on at the end of the year in print; and then debut at WonderCon 2011 to the public!

So there is something that I need you guys all to do. I need you all to go tell your friends, your workmates, classmates, anyone that likes comic books to get here. There is going to be a special contest for the launch of the comic book toward the end of the month, but it's a surprise. I want folks to be here to find out for themselves. So take this timer, plaster it on your personal blogs, facebook pages or whatever, and spread the word. See you Moonwatchers in 20 days...


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