Wednesday, January 13, 2010

eBay Auctions up to help pay for APE CON!!!

Hey folks, I am just putting up a blog here to let you guys know that I have an eBay auction up right now. The money for these auctions will help go toward paying our way to APE Con in SF this year. So if you can help out, that would be wonderful. There are 4 items up for sale. You can take a look at them here...

Each of the colored items have starting bids of $14.99 w/ Free Shipping in the US. The sketchbook Black & White: HEROES has a limited run of 22 copies remaining, and sell for $5 each. Every book gets a FREE Sketch. So if you would like to support us in our endeavors to make it to APE, check out our auctions, and bid if you can! Thanks a lot Moonwatchers!

Ian Walker
Obsdian Studios

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