Monday, January 11, 2010

More Changes, and things moving forward!

I don't know about you guys, but we are really excited. Things are going so well right now, that the anticipation is making me super happy. I wanted to announce that the SketchCard Mini Artbook is being put together, and is almost ready to go. In the next few days, there will be an official release date for the mini book, as well as information on how you can get your hands on one.

The projects of Obsidian Studios are moving forward, and steadily and we are very excited about the prospects, and the course we are going. White Ninja Guy has been put on hold for the time being right now as we are busy putting together pieces for an anthology artbook that Obsidian Studios will be premiering this year. Hopefully it will be at the APE Con in SF, if we get the money to do so. I am confident that we will, so we will see how things pan out. 2010 is going to be a great year for Obsidian Studios and there are a lot of things to look forward to.

Sketchin It w/ Ian Walker is going to go through a possible change in broadcasting night if you fans think it needs to be changed. There is a poll up on my main account on my personal Darkmyster DA Site as well as the Obsidian Studios DA Site. Go there and vote! Also on Deviant Art a new group is in the process of being formed called Obsidian Moonwatchers. We call all of our fans 'Moonwatchers' and there will be a place for all our Moonwatchers to go and hang out. There will be contests and art jams and other things there to wet you guys palettes for the things to come. So check out the Obsidian Studios Deviant Art Site for more info on that. Be sure to watch, and keep watching! So that is it for now, we will holler at you folks later!

Talk to you later,

Ian Walker
Obsidian Studios

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