Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dinos & Angels are done!!!

I'm still here, and I'm still around. Unfortunately though, I can't post any of the cards here on my blog which kind of makes me sad. But upon approval, I will post them up on my Deviant Art site. So with that being said, be sure to look and watch out for the cards.

A new White Ninja Guy page will be up this Friday, and right now, I am going to be concentrating on the next two sketch card sets I will be working on for Breygent Marketing; Golden Age of Comics & Cartoons. Hopefully I can knock this set out of the park and satisfy not only the big boss, but the sketch card collectors out there as well.

Coming soon after all of the hulla baloo, I will be working on a You Tube video mini-series designed for artists, and art collectors and anyone that like a bit of humor, and stuff from the heart as it were. But I hope it will change some opinions, and open the eyes of a lot of people artists and collectors alike. Pretty much all of my experiences, and knowledge and advice crammed into 10 minutes of video that you can either take to heart and apply, or just ignore. It is up to you. But hopefully, you will enjoy it. With that said, see you all soon!

Ian W.
Obsidian Studios

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