Friday, March 5, 2010

The White Ninja Guy is BACK!!!

After a long time of preparation, and hiatus in order to get White Ninja Guy#0 finished, the 14th page of the Heritage storyline is finally online! Please go check out the new page at and let me know what you think, and please spread the word! After this story is complete, which will be at the end of April, I will be bringing Issue 1 to print, and then ready to show to the masses as well. This will incur yet another break for all of May as I will be attending Fanime, and getting Issue 1 prepped for the printer. White Ninja Guy will then return again in time for the Summer which will be either June or July, depending on what is happening with my schedule, and we will begin with Issue 2. I am really excited about all of the things taking place right now, and I hope that you all will be interested, and enjoy it enough to tell others about it.

Also, a really quick reminder to you all that tonight, I will be doing my show Sketchin It w/ Ian Walker over on U-Stream, and I will be doing a Skype interview w/ Jon Riggle! So get any questions you have ready, and be there! I will be taking commissions, as well as doing some work on a few of my sketch cards which are a part of 2 pro sets that I am on; Damsels & Dinosaurs and Rantz Angels. I am excited to be working on these projects, and would love for you all to join me as I prepare and create these cards. But if there is anyone of you that would like to get a commission done, please let me know, and I can get you on the list, and possibly your card will be done live on the show! So with that said, I hope to see you all tonight, and a HUGE thanks again to you Moonwatchers!

Ian W.

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