Saturday, April 17, 2010

Darkmyster's Sketch Card Commission Weekend!!!

Hey folks, what's going on!? I just wanted to let everyone know that tonight at 5:30 PST I will be casting live and taking commissions for sketch cards on my show. The show will be on U-Stream at my show Sketchin It w/ Ian Walker. I got some new stock, and so here are some pics of the cards I will be drawing them on.

Each card will be $30 for a Full color sketch card commission, and $15 for an inked single color card. Please send payment to my PayPal address: [email][/email].

I will be taking commissions until 10pm PST and then tomorrow, I will be on again from 11am - 2pm PST then returning at 6pm-10pm PST. If you would like a commission, I will be making a list of commissioners. Please let me know what kind of commission you want. I will not begin the card until payment is received. Please spread the word, and I hope to hear and talk with some of you online soon!

U-Stream Link:

Ian W.

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