Saturday, June 19, 2010

ETSY's Artist Alley this SATURDAY!!!

Hey folks, it's me Ian Walker here again. I just wanted to let you guys know that this Saturday beginning between 10 & 11 am PST, I will be opening a chatroom over on ETSY that is dedicated to selling all sorts of artwork. This can be drawings, paintings, and some photography. The focus of the room is to create a place where artists can come to show off each others work, and make some real money doing so. Of course those that don't have cash can come in and ask questions about what the artists do, and we will answer your questions as best we can.

I myself will be there selling my stuff from within my store, as well as taking commissions for original art pieces. To check out the action, go to in the Community section and click Chat. The name of the room will be called ETSY Artist Alley. Think of this as a mini comic con held within the ominous webspace that is ETSY. This is the first test of an idea that I have had going on in my head for a very long time. If this works, then I can move forward. But I cannot reveal what that idea is but if this works out, ideas will be said soon. Until then, I hope that you all will be there to check it out! See you Saturday!

Ian W.
Obsidian Studios

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