Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cyber Monday Reviewed / Black & White: Heroes

So I guess you could say that my Cyber Monday sale was a success if you count most of my stuff being sold. It's amazing what people will pay attention to when the price is so dirt cheap. The Green Lantern sketch card set I have been trying to sell is finally gone, but sold for MUCH less than what I wanted to sell it for. I think next year I'm going to revise the way I do my sales. I shot myself in the foot by not charging shipping in the US. Oh well. Hopefully this year I can work hard and get some clout and more recognition as an artist. We shall see over time.

I still have my 2008 sketchbook for sale Black & White: Heroes. It's a 24 page sketchbook with drawings of various superheroes done in graphite, marker and other media all in black and white. There is a limited number of these sketchbooks as I will no longer be printing them after they are gone. There are now officially 29 copies left. If you would like a copy, please send a tell to me on my Deviant Art page over on http://darkmyster.deviantart.com or at the Obsidian Studios page: http://obsidianstudios.deviantart.com

Here is a look at the sketchbook itself for those of you that are interested...

You guys can probably tell that my style has changed quite a bit since 2008. But that is what sketchbooks are for, right? Progression. Anyway, there will be a new sketchbook available soon, and an artbook in the works as well. So stay tuned on the site here for all the info you will need to see what I am doing, and what I am doing within Obsidian Studios, the one man band!

Talk to you soon!

Ian W.

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