Friday, December 25, 2009

Sketchin It w/ Ian Walker Marathon Shows *UPDATED*

Hey all! Just wanted you guys to know that I am going to be broadcasting tonight at 7:30. I know it's Christmas, and don't expect for a lot to be on tonight, but I will be broadcasting for as long as I can tonight. I will be coloring up some Essence of Fairyland cards, as well as running a $10 sketch card special. I will stay up for as long as I can tonight, and then if I go to sleep, I will broadcast again the following day on Saturday until 9 o'clock. During this time, I will be taking $10 sketch card commissions the entire time in an effort to make more cash for APE Con.

I will be giving away a free sketch card "You Guess It, You Get It" every 3 hours as well. So come to get a shot at receiving a free sketch card. The sketch cards will be in full color, and shipped in plastic sleeves, and toploaders in a padded envelope. If you would like to get a card from me, all you need to do, is send my a payment through my PayPal of $10 per card w/ $2 shipping. In the noted section, be sure to let me know what you want, and There is no limit to how many you can get as well. Those that are not finished live, will be finished offline, and sent out when they are done. So I hope to see you all, and I will talk to you all in a few!

Sketchin It w/ Ian Walker U-Stream Link ----->


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