Thursday, December 24, 2009

Obsidian Characters & Concepts

So I stayed up a few nights to get some sketch cards from an amazing artists named Jeremy Treece. He did some sketch cards for me of some Obsidian Studios characters. He did my beloved White Ninja Guy, and then three other characters from Obsidian's new story tentatively called "The 7". But below is White Ninja Guy.

I also wanted to let you guys check out some concept artwork I have done so far for the newest Obsidian Studios title called "The 7". Below is concept art of the main character Allister Caine. I will be revealing more concept work soon so stay tuned to the blog to see more! Be sure to tell us what you think Moonwatchers!!!

Look for an announcement coming soon! Talk to you later!

Ian Walker
Obsidian Studios

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